Trustworthy Wet Wipe Machine and Wet Tissue Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

From our foundation 16 years ago, Dachang has become an increasingly experienced and trusted supplier of wet tissue machines. We have become a leading manufacturer of wet wipe machines, including semi-automatic and fully automatic wet wipe folding machines, packaging machines, and lid applicators. Thanks to customer's loyalty and confidence in our abilities, we have been able to supply popular wet tissue machines to over 70 unique countries and regions around the world and have become a significant player on the market for the production of wet tissue machines that can produce single and multi-piece packs, baby wipes, and cleaning tissues. These creative and innovative machines have become popular on both foreign and domestic markets, as we have provided machines to well-known companies including Breeze, Heng’an, Vinda and ABC, cementing our reputation as a trusted wet wipe machine supplier.

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